When I sign up, is the money taken out each month automatically❓     


     When you sign up through our website, a recurring payment is set up through PayPal which can be cancelled by either yourself or Ruffandloose at any time you wish.✅


Am I locked in, or can I pay per month❓
     No. We don't want to lock anyone into anything they may wish to no longer be a part of for whatever reason. Once you subscribe you have the option to unsubscribe at any time you like without even having to ask.✅


How long does my monthly subscription last❓
Premium subscriptions run per calender month so if you sign up on 10 June, your next payment will be due 10 July and so on.✅


You supply 4 numbers per race. How do I go about backing these❓
     We supply a TOP PICK and a 2ND SELECTION in most races we tip. We suggest our members read our article on our website in regards to the DUTCH BETTING STRATEGY and apply this method with the TOP PICK and 2ND SELECTION

    The 3rd & 4th selection we supply are there purely for exotic players i.e. Trifecta's & First 4's. We do not suggest backing the 3rd or 4th selection, nor do we claim these as a winner if either of these selections win.✅

If I decide to give the service a go and I don't make money on the first couple of days can I get my money back❓

    No, we do not issue refunds.  We do not guarantee that the bets you place from our selections will profit every day.  We do not tell you how many units to bet on any selection.